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Do you remember Toll Collect?

Posted: May 7, 2011 by maxsc21 in politics

Today the Bloglink Odyssey will take you to your second destination on the way from Political Participation online to Flying Childers, the world-famous 18th century racing horse.

If your first thought now is “WTF?”, then I greatly recommend you to fill this serious gap in your knowledge by reading my second blog entry. However, if you belong to those, who know what I’m talking about, then just lean back, enjoy this feeling of superiority and let the journey continue.

When speaking about IT in connection with politics, there is one thing which immediately comes to my mind: Toll Collect, or said otherwise, the seemingly endless discussions about the imposition of a road charge for trucks in the early 2000-years.

The background of this idea was of course the chronically empty household budget of the German government. Since for most people trucks are inconvenient contemporaries anyway, the red-green coalition led by Gerhard Schröder decided to tax the movement of trucks on German highways. (more…)