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Everybody of us heard about online dating and single platforms. There are plenty of them and they promise singles to find the perfect love. Well, I (by the way I am a single person) read these ads daily and figured out that I should participate in order to test the offers by myself. Let the self-experiment begin. 😉

Firstly, I have to say that before the test I could hardly take these platforms seriously. Can I really find a new partner in just one click? To begin I typed in single into google search in order to find some definitions and maybe some helpful hints. I got results and was overwhelmed by all the opinions and offers. On the one hand there were a lots of blog entries of singles that shared their feelings of being alone (in a really funny way though).On the other hand there were various guides about how single persons are supposed to behave, but also a huge offer of dating platforms. Unbelievable. How to choose the right dating platform? Well, I have no idea. I had to pick one offer randomly. At that point I still was definitely sceptical and could not really believe what online platforms had to offer.

Nevertheless, the figures speak for themselves. Dating platforms make huge profits every year ( 179,5 Mio. Euro in 2009) and  even during the financial crisis there was an increase in profits of nearly 10 %. Every month 7 million Germans search online for the right partner and 5.4 million of them claim that they were successful. (more…)