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The Bloglink Odyssey

Posted: May 1, 2011 by maxsc21 in about us

There’s always one bad thing about every creative writing assignment: You have to find a topic. To be honest, to me this process is an old enemy. Glad to have finally found one for the first blog, I am now confronted with a new problem: What to write in the second post? And how to stretch that subject to a length of about 12 entries?

Of course my first idea was to continue that political participation thing. Okay, running up Google; searching for things like “politics online”, “taking part in politics” and similar stuff. Dry topic. Tough to find more stuff for other case studies. Besides it is quite hard to imagine that somebody in the course would stand another 11 examples of online political participation without falling asleep. So the next idea was to become more general. (more…)