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Dancing under green leaves

Posted: June 6, 2011 by lisabu00 in environment
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Last weekend I was walking through the streets of Berlin. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and people with sunglasses and flower skirts were passing by as I was heading to another open air festival this season on a Sunday afternoon.
After managing the endless line of guests we entered a dirty, but charming place with little docks and bridges to the small water channel, comfortable deck-chairs and a cute bar, which reminds of Caribbean beaches and cocktail shakers. Crowds of people are already dancing in front of the DJ and raise the dust of the scruffy floor until everybody is slightly covered with a fine film of dirt. But nobody cares. For most of them, that’s what it means to enjoy summer in Berlin. The atmosphere is great, the weather is awesome, the music is overwhelming and the people are nice.
A lot of fun for just a little effort.
But when I saw the cigarettes stubs and bear bottles swimming in the brown water next to us, I was wondering how ecologically friendly those events are and if it might be possible to transact it with a greener touch. (more…)