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Life and how development changed it

Posted: June 22, 2011 by Stephanie Krogmann in about us, development, social life
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Wow. This is going to be my last post. I can´t believe how fast 9 weeks of personal development went by. I say personal development because I learned a lot about my interests and the opportunities in our fast changing world. I introduced you to several inventions on the web and tried to evaluate them: facebook, Second Life, Fiverr and lots of other interesting things I  learned about, too.

By introducing you to all these little tools of our everyday life I tried to point out that our life is full of opportunities and definitely different to that from previous generations. We are the generation Internet.

Last weekend I have been to a really amazing festival. We had lots of fun, listened to great music and lived without any connection to the outside world. Well, I enjoyed that for three days, but after that I could not wait to get connected to the Internet again and check my facebook. It is part of my life and will always be. I have to admit. (more…)


Are Computer Monitors Harmful to Your Health?

Posted: June 16, 2011 by lenahaase in health
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Using electronic devices several hours a week has become normal for us. Checking emails, surfing through the web, or talking on the phone belong to our daily routine like eating dinner or brushing teeth. (However, there are exceptions everywhere!)

One can do lot of great stuff and we love the advantages the Internet offers us. We can stay in contact with our family, check the most recent news just with one click, and extend our knowledge continuously. However, did you ever think about which impact the permanent usage of computers has on your body? (more…)

Since we upload our personal data online, we have to consider the consequences. Businesses, e.g. Facebook, guarantee great privacy protection, but when it comes to outsiders, who can still ensure safety?

If we register on a webpage or if we buy something online, we are leaving our traces everywhere. Contact data, bank connection, home address… a real treasure for hackers. A hacker is defined as a person who breaks down the security system in computer networks for several reasons. Some of them hope to make big profit; others just want to show how easily they can crack down the security barrier, or because they are motivated by the challenge. (more…)

I am sure a lot of you guys have the same problem I have: lack of money but still so many wishes to fulfill. I would really like to travel to Spain this summer, but have not enough money for a flight. So what can we do? Well, we could start to work in a restaurant or at the movie theatre. That is what most students do. Work  two days a week and there you get be the money. However, the Internet again offers unexpected possibilities for every situation.

Did you hear about Fiverr before?

Well, I did not know it until I was searching for an easy possibility to make money.  Fiverr is about services. Everybody can offer a mini-service to be fulfilled for 5 bucks. The offers are really variable: There are people willing to translate texts from one language into an other, others offer a wakeup call and even others want to send you a postcard from Thailand. It seems to be really funny and interesting, sometimes a little bit crazy, as there are offerings to get rid of a girlfriend on Facebook. Crazy world. 😉

But how does it work in real life? First, people make an offer on the web. The persons that are interested in a service pay 5 $ via PayPal and receive the service.How do the operators of Fiverr make profits? They keep 1$ of each transaction. The service provider gets 4$. Therefore the operators are definitely interested in many transactions, they can make huge profits. Welcome to the online money machine. How do I as a customer choose among various offers? People are as always able to evaluate others. So if a provider has a lot of good feedback, he might be able to make some money. (more…)

Everybody of us heard about online dating and single platforms. There are plenty of them and they promise singles to find the perfect love. Well, I (by the way I am a single person) read these ads daily and figured out that I should participate in order to test the offers by myself. Let the self-experiment begin. 😉

Firstly, I have to say that before the test I could hardly take these platforms seriously. Can I really find a new partner in just one click? To begin I typed in single into google search in order to find some definitions and maybe some helpful hints. I got results and was overwhelmed by all the opinions and offers. On the one hand there were a lots of blog entries of singles that shared their feelings of being alone (in a really funny way though).On the other hand there were various guides about how single persons are supposed to behave, but also a huge offer of dating platforms. Unbelievable. How to choose the right dating platform? Well, I have no idea. I had to pick one offer randomly. At that point I still was definitely sceptical and could not really believe what online platforms had to offer.

Nevertheless, the figures speak for themselves. Dating platforms make huge profits every year ( 179,5 Mio. Euro in 2009) and  even during the financial crisis there was an increase in profits of nearly 10 %. Every month 7 million Germans search online for the right partner and 5.4 million of them claim that they were successful. (more…)

Human beings 3.0

Posted: May 23, 2011 by lisaneubert in development
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“Er hob den Kopf und sah sie auf sich zukommen, barfuß, den schlanken Körper in eine kurze, glänzende Tunika gehüllt. Ihr Avatar war das perfekte Abbild ihrer selbst, was ihn irgendwie erleichterte. ” // “He raised his head and saw her coming, shoeless, her svelte body was encased by a short glittery tunic. Her avatar was a perfect copy of herself which relieved hiself.”  (Frank Schätzing: Limit, page 558)

Frank Schätzing describes perfectly the coming virtual WEB WORLD of human beings. I am always impressed by the ways of his researching and writing. I feel as I would be directly in the middle of what he describes in his books. But the novel LIMIT is strange, exciting and scary at the same time. In fact, the book deals with limited resources and why we have to get back to the moon again and what Helium-3 and all welfare states play for a role. All actions take place in 2025. There are still 14 years in between, however, it is absolutly realistic what he says, writes and expects! (more…)

One life, one problem…two lives, two problems

Posted: May 10, 2011 by Stephanie Krogmann in development
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Did you ever wish to be someone else?

Be more crazy, wear different cloths, become famous? Who does not want to be different from time to time, but is to shy to change in real life?

Thanks to the Internet even that problem can be solved nowadays. The invention: Second Life!

You create a personality living in a virtual world doing things one can also do in real life: Shopping, working, partying, making friends, having sex. It is a fake world where everyone can start a new life and be completely different with a new personality. The fat guy from next door becomes a womanizer over night. The idea has follower all over the world and everybody seems to have fun! It is really appealing to have the possibility to be a different person in order to escape real life. Fake life is connected to real life, as even real cities are copied to be lived in. (more…)

Schon GEZahlt? How the Internet takes over!

Posted: May 8, 2011 by lenahaase in politics
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Ppssst! Prevent we are not here!”

That is the way most people try to get rid of the official who got sent out by the Fee Collection Center of public-law broadcasting institutions in the Federal Republic of Germany (GEZ) in order to inspect your home and to collect a broadcasting fee. In Germany, you are obliged to pay for the use of electronic devices. In former times, you just had to pay for TV sets, but nowadays you also have to pay for the ownership of a computer, when it has access to the Internet.

Many people don’t respond to the registration request made by the collection center and consciously do not pay the monthly charges out of protest against what they feel is a ridiculous cause.

Is it a ridiculous cause? Is it unjustified that we have to pay a broadcasting fee for computers? Since the Internet has expanded a lot over the past years, more and more Internet platforms are offering free movie streaming.  The regional public broadcasting agencies are uploading their TV shows and series on the Internet and you can watch the recent episode for free.  Is the Internet displacing the normal TV set how we know it from the 80’s and 90’s?