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Human beings 3.0

Posted: May 23, 2011 by lisaneubert in development
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“Er hob den Kopf und sah sie auf sich zukommen, barfuß, den schlanken Körper in eine kurze, glänzende Tunika gehüllt. Ihr Avatar war das perfekte Abbild ihrer selbst, was ihn irgendwie erleichterte. ” // “He raised his head and saw her coming, shoeless, her svelte body was encased by a short glittery tunic. Her avatar was a perfect copy of herself which relieved hiself.”  (Frank Schätzing: Limit, page 558)

Frank Schätzing describes perfectly the coming virtual WEB WORLD of human beings. I am always impressed by the ways of his researching and writing. I feel as I would be directly in the middle of what he describes in his books. But the novel LIMIT is strange, exciting and scary at the same time. In fact, the book deals with limited resources and why we have to get back to the moon again and what Helium-3 and all welfare states play for a role. All actions take place in 2025. There are still 14 years in between, however, it is absolutly realistic what he says, writes and expects! (more…)


Visibility of Clouds

Posted: May 17, 2011 by lisaneubert in development
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Last week I gave you a brief introduction about how CLOUD COMPUTING works. Today I am going to write about the privacy of clouds – although there are far above our heads.

“If there is something which you don’t want to be known by everybody, then you shouldn’t do it at all!”, Ex-Google Boss Eric Schmidt about the privacy of CLOUD COMPUTING. This new trend gives you the possibility to remember and save things by a specific access system. But like all IT-systems it is not safe 100%. Due to this fact, everybody who likes to be as private as possible should take his or her pencil rather than his or her computer. (more…)