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Schon GEZahlt? How the Internet takes over!

Posted: May 8, 2011 by lenahaase in politics
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Ppssst! Prevent we are not here!”

That is the way most people try to get rid of the official who got sent out by the Fee Collection Center of public-law broadcasting institutions in the Federal Republic of Germany (GEZ) in order to inspect your home and to collect a broadcasting fee. In Germany, you are obliged to pay for the use of electronic devices. In former times, you just had to pay for TV sets, but nowadays you also have to pay for the ownership of a computer, when it has access to the Internet.

Many people don’t respond to the registration request made by the collection center and consciously do not pay the monthly charges out of protest against what they feel is a ridiculous cause.

Is it a ridiculous cause? Is it unjustified that we have to pay a broadcasting fee for computers? Since the Internet has expanded a lot over the past years, more and more Internet platforms are offering free movie streaming.  The regional public broadcasting agencies are uploading their TV shows and series on the Internet and you can watch the recent episode for free.  Is the Internet displacing the normal TV set how we know it from the 80’s and 90’s?