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Children’s Chocolate

Posted: May 24, 2011 by lisabu00 in development, environment, politics
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Everybody is praising the globalisation and its huge advantages and opportunities. Nobody doubts it’s not like that.

But who is the sufferer in this shiny development?

Who does not benefit of the possibility of worldwide trade and communication?

I read a article these days in ’Die Zeit’ concerning the ingredients of food and the truth about them. In order to give customers a platform for complains about certain substances in products, the German government is planning to implement a forum called ’Wahrheit und Klarheit’(Truth and clarity). Comments will be reviewed by professionals and in case of importance, complains will be transmitted to the company which is asked to give at least a public response.

But is it enough just to look at the ingredients of chocolate and co?

Shouldn’t we look where the ingredients come from and how they came together?