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Posted: June 9, 2011 by lisabu00 in development, environment
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Since the temperatures in Germany climb higher and higher, everybody digs out its old bicycle from the dark corners of the basement.
As soon as you can avoid the stinky surrounding of the s- and u-bahn (because people tend to sweat in summer) you’re even up to suffer some sportive activity.
But in the area where I come from, it’s not always possible to take your bike for all occasions, because driving 30 km per day isn’t that unusual. Since public transportation isn’t that common there, I was wondering, where it is actually more sustainable to live? City or rural area? Flat or house?

While I read a lot of very intelligent essays and reports concerning this topic, I figured out, enough other people think and argue about it.
So there’s sufficient material to read about it out there in the endless spheres of the web.
But I still wanted to keep this track and came across MASDAR. (more…)