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Dark Clouds are gathering

Posted: June 20, 2011 by lisaneubert in development

Technology which works perfectly – what a dream. But, unfortunatly, it is JUST a dream. And like all (technical) things, there is always at least one lack which sucks. Cloud Computing does not spare us its lacks.

In general, small business are not enough qualified for Cloud Computing than big companies are.  They even do not know what it is (71%)! The others whoch have already heard about it, can’t usually describe it (26%). Those who use it are mainly unsatisfied: Firstly, businesses complain that their data is not backed up off-site.

Secondly, if companies do not really have a business plan how to reach Cloud Computing successfully, costs will dramatically increases. This will lead to unsatisfaction within the company and may rise debt possibilities.

Furthermore, there is defintitely a lack in security. Before buying a cloud from a provider you should get information about the privileged user access. Because your provider then controls your data and you should be sure this logical, personnel and physical control you hand in. Your provider should be also a kind of certificated, so that regularly compliance is given. Sometimes providers do not bespeak where your data exactely is. But this information should be available for customers. It is also usual that your specific space in the cloud is shared with other companies. But it is important that you know in detail how your data is segregated and not mixed with information of other businesses. As with all technological things, a disaster can happen which makes your data gone. In this case, providers should give a recovery strategy, means what will happen to your data, if there is an accident.

All my data above is from the following website on which you should also not hesitate to have a look:


You see, there are lots of lacks which should be resolved as fast as possible, because Cloud      Computing seems to be a real effiecient future IT-trend as it saves IT costs and increases    flexibility.

For the future all the best and take Cloud Computing as a chance!


Yours, Lisa


Google Reader

Posted: June 19, 2011 by lisaneubert in solving IT-problems

Oh yeah, all right

Are you going to be in my dreams


And in the end

The love you take

Is equal to the love you make 

(The Beatles, The End)

I really feel like this, because this is going to be my last post! Putting all things together I have learnd from blogging, Business Applications and Mr. Spears, I want to recommend you the fabulous Google Application GOOGLE READER. I have tried out all functions, and I am very satisfied. (more…)

With Amazon on Cloud Nine

Posted: June 13, 2011 by lisaneubert in development

Every baby needs a mum, every student needs a teacher and every cloud needs a provider.

You cannot use your own cloud, because it has a specific infrastructure which must have been developed before. So, you have to use offers made by certain providers. Those providers – usually companies – built up a cloud in the course of their development and IT performance.

Having followed my last posts, you probably have seen that AMAZON was mentionend very often.

The Company

AMAZON  is a social-commerce mail order company founded Jeff Bezos in the United States of America in 1994. It sells alomost everything – from books and clothers to car accessory and foodstuffs. Since summer 2002 AMAZON has offered its AMAZON WEB SERVICE. Using AWS can be a huge advantage for developing companies, because you can use AMAZON’s already installed programs, applications and systems. One of their services is the CLOUD COMPUTING system.

Elements of the Cloud 

AMAZON offers different types of cloud:

>> Amazon EC2: called Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud; basis for all elements

>> Amazon SimpleDB: you have access to well structured data; API (application programming interface) included

>> Amazon S3: called Amazon Simple Storage Service;  huge database (more…)

The other side of the coin

Posted: May 31, 2011 by lisaneubert in development

“A lot of people are jumping on the [cloud] bandwagon, but I have not heard two people say the same thing about it. There are multiple definitions out there of “the cloud.”” (Andy Isherwood, quoted in ZDnet News, December 11, 2008)

As all things, also CLOUD COMPUTING has negative effects and using this system means also becoming a bit risky.

The most lacks of CLOUD COMPUTING are those:

>> Migration of Applications

>> Managing Risks

>> Meeting Service-Level-Agreement (SLA)

>> Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

>> Managing Clouds (more…)

A Perfect Circle

Posted: May 30, 2011 by lisaneubert in development

“What’s going on

Tell me what’s going on  

I’ll tell you what’s going on!” (A Perfect Circle)

You may know this song “What’s goin on” written by the famous rock band A PERFECT CIRCLE. In fact, this song does not deal with business, IT and CLOUD COMPUTING at all, but it is still interesting as those lines above express a key factor of CLOUD COMPUTING.

Communication is the most important word. It does not only connect people, but also profitable queries coming from customers and partners. A company must work effiently to be successful and communication leaves the door open for success in any action. Today, company’s inventory consists of hundreds of computers, thousands of queries coming from customers or partnerships. This makes a large and distributed file system necessary.

CLOUD COMPUTING is one method of storing, archieving data better and more efficiently. (more…)

Human beings 3.0

Posted: May 23, 2011 by lisaneubert in development
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“Er hob den Kopf und sah sie auf sich zukommen, barfuß, den schlanken Körper in eine kurze, glänzende Tunika gehüllt. Ihr Avatar war das perfekte Abbild ihrer selbst, was ihn irgendwie erleichterte. ” // “He raised his head and saw her coming, shoeless, her svelte body was encased by a short glittery tunic. Her avatar was a perfect copy of herself which relieved hiself.”  (Frank Schätzing: Limit, page 558)

Frank Schätzing describes perfectly the coming virtual WEB WORLD of human beings. I am always impressed by the ways of his researching and writing. I feel as I would be directly in the middle of what he describes in his books. But the novel LIMIT is strange, exciting and scary at the same time. In fact, the book deals with limited resources and why we have to get back to the moon again and what Helium-3 and all welfare states play for a role. All actions take place in 2025. There are still 14 years in between, however, it is absolutly realistic what he says, writes and expects! (more…)

Visibility of Clouds

Posted: May 17, 2011 by lisaneubert in development
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Last week I gave you a brief introduction about how CLOUD COMPUTING works. Today I am going to write about the privacy of clouds – although there are far above our heads.

“If there is something which you don’t want to be known by everybody, then you shouldn’t do it at all!”, Ex-Google Boss Eric Schmidt about the privacy of CLOUD COMPUTING. This new trend gives you the possibility to remember and save things by a specific access system. But like all IT-systems it is not safe 100%. Due to this fact, everybody who likes to be as private as possible should take his or her pencil rather than his or her computer. (more…)

Filing is quite a back number

Posted: May 11, 2011 by lisaneubert in development

I guess everybody of you knows the infamous scene of A BEAUTIFUL MIND with Russell Crowe in which John F. Nash’s workplace is shown. Huge amounts of hung memo sheets is all what you can see.

Nash wrote everything down what has come up to his mind before. One method which makes it possible to remember things and not to forget. But that’s from the last decade! Nowadays CLOUD COMPUTING makes remembering things without memo sheets hung up everywhere in your flat possible.

By defintion “Cloud computing is a general term for anything that involves delivering hosted services over the Internet.” But what does this mean exactly? (more…)

Looking for the needle in our haystick

Posted: May 2, 2011 by lisaneubert in development

Finding a perfect blog issue is like looking for the needle in a haystick – it is complicated, but very exciting!

Firstly, you should delimite your ideas:

>> What shall I write about?

>> Which expectations are given to me?

>> In which field of business shall we post?

>> What am I interested in?

>> Is it possible to think deeper and deeper about this issue over time?

Deciding about all these questions, you can go forward and search for your choosen issue. (more…)

Moving to the clouds

Posted: April 27, 2011 by lisaneubert in development
“I think there is a world market for about five computers.” (Thomas J. Watson, 1943)

Fortunately and unfortunately the former president IBM was not right!

Developing computers has always been an important part of human beings and it is still so. Imagine, that even the Romans and Greeks have developed first calculators and tried to build up machines which help people to calculate things better and faster. But only Konrad Zuse achieved the breakthrough in Personal Computers in 1937 with his Z1. Further computers had even the ability to calculate algorithm within its limited memory cell automatically. (more…)