Pssst! Taboo topic ahead… Guaranteed to be fear-overcoming

Posted: June 29, 2011 by maxsc21 in solving IT-problems

First question: Is there any better way of getting rid of its fear concerning technology than to do something which is fun and makes use of technology at the same time? In my view there is none.

So the little plug-in I would like to present is just a perfect symbol of my personal way through our BusApps course. Starting with a good portion of skepticism I gradually realized that IT is not stressful and annoying per definition. In contrast, it provides us with enormous simplifications in everyday life (it took quite a while untill i got that point). Same thing about our last post. My first thoughts: Oh no, talking about our fears towards technology, all that interconnected with some add-on stuff.. don’t bother me. But then I found one little application which kind of changed my mind, impressively showing me all the advantages of Information Technology.

Although you all are familiar with downloading songs from YouTube – it’s an online taboo topic in most cases, isn’t it? But I’m pretty sure that almost all of us know the following situation: You want to listen to a certain song, browse the internet to find it and the first website to offer that song is usually YouTube. So you enjoy your song and after that the feeling arises that it would be nice to really have this song. Not being dependent on YouTube anymore; you rather wish to store it durably on your hard drive or your mp3 player.


Before continuing: At this point a slight feeling of fear may arise again among some people. I like to state that up from here we are entering a twilight zone of law. While YouTube and its distribution of songs, videos and other stuff now is widely considered to be a completely legal service, all downloading operations are not. Neither they are clearly judicially condemned yet; it is just a thing that is discussed a lot and covers an area which is not well-defined by existing laws. Check out this discussion to understand the contrariness of the issue.

But let’s get back to the topic. In order to transfer the file to your own computer you need special software or you make use of the various web pages offering so called “YouTube to mp3” services.

The Add-On

So last week – the blog post about a Firefox add-on was already in the back of my head, but I did not really intend it to do at such an early stage – I typed in exactly these words (“YouTube to mp3”) into Google and one of the first proposals was a plug-in provided by the official Firefox add-on website. It is called “YouTube to MP3 by”. After having installed it, two little links will appear under each YouTube video you watch, enabling you to download the material either in normal or in high quality.

This is quite a nice thing for many users because it integrates the download service directly into the YouTube pages where you listen to your songs or watch your videos. The installation itself is easy as pie, you just have to click “add to Firefox” to download the application. Then you have to agree to the terms of service and install the whole thing, which takes about three seconds. With your next visit to YouTube you can check out the new service. Have fun… and no, Cascada actually is not one of my favourite music acts. Finally found something to be really scared of.

  1. lisabu00 says:

    Well done, dude!
    I got a pretty similar tool for my browser. It’s called ‘easy youtube video downloader’.
    you can check it out here, if you want to:

    there you can chose some more formats and the speed of it is pretty impressive.

    Very informative and well written, even if I would have prefered to read more about your blogging odyssey 😉

  2. Lisa says:

    Hey mäxchen,

    I’ve actually never thought about all the advantages- I just did it. It was so ‘natural’.
    My tool is called ‘free youtube to mp3 converter’ ( )
    It’s so simple- just download and start the application.
    You have to copy the URL from your preferred youtube video/ song and put it in the little window, press download and voilà: you’ll find your favorite song in the file ‘my downloads’ 🙂
    It’s also possibe to download a bunch of songs…but than it takes some minutes more!!

    I’ve to committ that while doing things like that I’ve never was scared- because I know what this tool will ‘provide’ and what the advantages are. Sometimes, when I’m not sure why I’ve to do some things concerning technology (and this was the fact with the wamp stuff!) than I’m scared.
    But I hope to overcome this fear soon!!

    Good work buddy 🙂

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