Say Bye Bye to My Fear of Technology

Posted: June 27, 2011 by lenahaase in solving IT-problems

Customer satisfaction, especially in the technology sector, has become difficult to fulfill. Whenever people buy new computers, they prefer different functions and features. As a consequence, they are often unsatisfied with their choice: either the software does not have the right functionalities or there is an oversupply of different features, which makes it impossible to find the one you are looking for quickly. Customization has become a key element. In order to offer customers a variety of different choices, software developers allow the use of Plugins and Add-ons.The term Plugins and Add-ons often refer to a third party software, which is meant to interact with a certain program.

It mainly extends the functionality of a system by adding different features according to the user’s preference. They are responsible for almost the same activity with only little distinction. Take for example your web browser, in order to watch videos, you would need to install a plugin, called flash player. Flash player is not native to any browser, so it is also compatible to all other popular web browsers like IE, Firefox, and Opera. In comparison, add-ons that are meant for Firefox would only work with Firefox.

Personally, I have installed a Flash player because I wanted to be able to watch moving contents. I am very satisfied with my decision because the installation of the plugin (which is by the way completely free of charge) enables me to get better explanations to my questions or to simply watch short videos. Especially when I research possible solutions to a certain problem, it is easier to understand it when I have the opportunity to watch how things are working (in little videos) than just read about it. Installing the flash player plugin was a good decision for me because it helps me a lot with the learning process.

Another add-on I am using is the Adblock Plus for Firefox. Since surfing on the Internet has become a daily activity for me, I got totally annoyed by commercial pop-ups. Whenever I have opened up a new website I was confronted with shopping offers and new deals. It really disturbed my research work, so I was wondering if there is a way to get rid of it. That is why I became very interested when I heard that there is an add-on, called Adblock Plus. The installation is pretty easy and free of charge. It is offered on Firefox.

This Add-on prevents commercial pop-ups to open up if you visit new websites. It is especially useful if you are changing webpages steadily and you keep closing and reopen sites. All in all it really helps me to speed up my Internet surfing.

Moreover, since many people have a WordPress account, it might be a good idea to inform you about WordPress plugins. There is for example a Twitter plugin, which connects your WordPress account with your Twitter profile. This Process enables you to transfer contents from different sides directly to others.  By using this application, you have the opportunity to reach even more people.

To get more concrete information how it works, check out this video:


All in all, I support the further development of plugins and add-ons because I can freely chose among them and install those, which are fitting to my personal preferences. It enables me to customize my Internet experience and I have clear advantages by using them.

Quite amazing what is possible nowadays….


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