Life and how development changed it

Posted: June 22, 2011 by Stephanie Krogmann in about us, development, social life
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Wow. This is going to be my last post. I can´t believe how fast 9 weeks of personal development went by. I say personal development because I learned a lot about my interests and the opportunities in our fast changing world. I introduced you to several inventions on the web and tried to evaluate them: facebook, Second Life, Fiverr and lots of other interesting things I  learned about, too.

By introducing you to all these little tools of our everyday life I tried to point out that our life is full of opportunities and definitely different to that from previous generations. We are the generation Internet.

Last weekend I have been to a really amazing festival. We had lots of fun, listened to great music and lived without any connection to the outside world. Well, I enjoyed that for three days, but after that I could not wait to get connected to the Internet again and check my facebook. It is part of my life and will always be. I have to admit.

Over the last decades people´s personal lives changed dramatically. Everything seems to be possible: we live faster, everything is easier, we are connected, we enjoy our online lives. We cannot imagine how old people could survive without the web.  However also our professional lives are different from what they have looked like years ago. People  communicate via messengers. We are hardly communicating face-to-face. According Stern even E-mails are out of fashion. Icq and Skype work faster, and we are not annoyed by spam-mails. We have to go with the mass and adapt fast. Globalization, the resulting logistic problems and other difficulties have to be conquered.

But not only people but also countries develop. They work together, they argue, they fight, they split, they try to figure out how to balance development and stick to their roots. The European Union is a good example and discussed in many ways. We have to find a way to figure out how to live together on this continent and in the world.

We have to fucus on the future. We have millions of opportunities we should grasp. We are young, open and (as I mentioned several times) communicative. Our generation can change a lot. We only have to discover the online world and not be afraid of using technology. IT and development are everywhere.  All we have to do is to overcome a fear and get started. Even older generation should do that, we all can benefit. The world lies in front of us, we only have to figure what is important for us.  Our globalized world seems to be a confusing place when not dealing with it, but for sure there are patterns that need to be discovered.

On the other hand we have to use the tools carefully and should not forget our cultures. We are still people who like to stick to some old traditions and there is nothing wrong with it and we should be kept.

To sum it up, with all my posts I tried to show you that development, technology and the resulting business ideas are mostly awesome and they are definitely make our lives easier. But we do not have to follow every new invention. Decide for yourself and participate carefully. Not everything people publish is good and helpful, we have to filter. ( See my last post about TV). But could you imagine to live without facebook? 😉

In order to demonstrate you that I am ready for the world of technology I am going to post an outline of my discovery of Firefox ad-ons next week. 🙂

Wish you all the best,


  1. lenahaase says:

    Hey Steff 🙂
    Another great post! Too bad that this is the last one… What I like the most is that I would be able to identify who wrote this post without even looking at the author’s name! You have this wonderful personal sense in your writing, which makes it quite unique! I like!!!
    This last post represents a nice goodbye to your blogging activity and rounds up everything!

    It made me think!!

    Good job and Goodbye!! 🙂

  2. NerdyLaura says:

    Hey Steffi,
    I really enjoyed reading this great summary.
    I honestly have to admit that I am a little sad that our blogging activity is over now. I had so much fun reading other posts and often enjoyed researching for my own ones. I always felt up to date
    I hope that some people will continue blogging but I think I have to be realistic: There are so many other things being in our minds now and our studies are surely not becoming easier…
    As Lena already wrote: A wonderful goodbye!!
    Good work! 🙂

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