Dark Clouds are gathering

Posted: June 20, 2011 by lisaneubert in development

Technology which works perfectly – what a dream. But, unfortunatly, it is JUST a dream. And like all (technical) things, there is always at least one lack which sucks. Cloud Computing does not spare us its lacks.

In general, small business are not enough qualified for Cloud Computing than big companies are.  They even do not know what it is (71%)! The others whoch have already heard about it, can’t usually describe it (26%). Those who use it are mainly unsatisfied: Firstly, businesses complain that their data is not backed up off-site.

Secondly, if companies do not really have a business plan how to reach Cloud Computing successfully, costs will dramatically increases. This will lead to unsatisfaction within the company and may rise debt possibilities.

Furthermore, there is defintitely a lack in security. Before buying a cloud from a provider you should get information about the privileged user access. Because your provider then controls your data and you should be sure this logical, personnel and physical control you hand in. Your provider should be also a kind of certificated, so that regularly compliance is given. Sometimes providers do not bespeak where your data exactely is. But this information should be available for customers. It is also usual that your specific space in the cloud is shared with other companies. But it is important that you know in detail how your data is segregated and not mixed with information of other businesses. As with all technological things, a disaster can happen which makes your data gone. In this case, providers should give a recovery strategy, means what will happen to your data, if there is an accident.

All my data above is from the following website on which you should also not hesitate to have a look: http://www.silicon.com/management/cio-insights/2011/02/22/cloud-computing-security-staff-lack-right-skills-39747021/


You see, there are lots of lacks which should be resolved as fast as possible, because Cloud      Computing seems to be a real effiecient future IT-trend as it saves IT costs and increases    flexibility.

For the future all the best and take Cloud Computing as a chance!


Yours, Lisa

  1. Sophie says:

    Hi Lisa!

    I also write a blogpost about cloud computing and I have to admit that your approach was quite a negative one. After some research I found out that enterprise cloud computing can definitly be a big plus for companies epspecially when having no own IT department. Of course, there are also problems, but this should be an opportunity for development and not shutdown….

    check out my blogpost about cloud computing and the YouTube video in it! It is quite interesting! 🙂


    thank you!!


  2. lisaneubert says:

    Thanks, Sophie. I know! But this should be a post about the lacks of Cloud Computing. Reading my previous posts, you’ll see that I really prefer Cloud Computing. But we shouldn’t forget about the disadvantages 😉

  3. lisabu00 says:

    Hey Lisa,
    I was reading your post regulary and I really had the impression, you got so deep into this topic, you really knew what you were talking about. Even though, cloud computing is a very tecnical thing, you made it very interesting for us and you gave us the opportunity to see the positive facts and advantages.
    I think you did a very good job with choosing the disadvantages as your last post, because it points out, you’re showing us both sites of the medal.
    I found this article which lists some more disadvantages and repeats some you mentioned. Pretty interesting.


    But very well done!

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