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Posted: June 19, 2011 by lisaneubert in solving IT-problems

Oh yeah, all right

Are you going to be in my dreams


And in the end

The love you take

Is equal to the love you make 

(The Beatles, The End)

I really feel like this, because this is going to be my last post! Putting all things together I have learnd from blogging, Business Applications and Mr. Spears, I want to recommend you the fabulous Google Application GOOGLE READER. I have tried out all functions, and I am very satisfied.

Having a Google Account, you can install Google Reader. You can choose which categories of newspaper you want to have in your reader and thus you want to follow. But you can also create your own table with your own choice of newspaper.

On the left side of your open site, there are lots of tabs.

Home: Here you have an overview of what is new. It is structured by your choosen papers.

All Items (1000+): All items are shown ordered by time. Look at my screenshot to see that you can also limit your view by choose certain tabs like “View Settings”:

Starred Items: Choosing your newspaper, you have the possibility to set a star on one to keep it in mind or for other reasons. If you light on a special article, you can also “star” it. This tab shows you all starred items.

Your stuff: This section is dicived into Shared Items and Notes.  You can share articles with friends via E-Mail or also Social Networks. And you can make notes about whatever you want whoch appears for you in your profile.

Trends: In fact, this is a really interesting tab on which I have spent a couple of hours for researching and so on. Very interesting. Here you can see how it looks like:

Here you have like a little summary of all your activities of the last week, the last three days and so on. You are also given a list of what you have read, and that is so cool, as you do not have to search for artciles! And you can see that you can add your friends and follow their readings. Isn’t that fantastic, or what?

Browse your stuff: This tab allows you to create bundles (also with friends) to facilitate your feeds used.

People you follow: This helps you not to forget where, on what and for whom you have commented.

Explore: In Explore you can follow your own recommendations given to friends, for example, or recommendations you were given.

Subscriptions: This is the last big tab where you can find all your choosen newspaper. Clicking on one of them, you will be shown all articles prublished by this newspaper and again sorted by time. Here you can see how it looks:

Maybe you have noticed that you besides you can only read the beginning, you can star it, like it, share it, make notes on it, e-mail it, keep unread it or make tags on it. So you will never loose your point while reading and taking to for instance your friend.

All in all, Google Reader is a efficient and useful tool for studying as you get the news automatically and you can mark them with their appropriate notes. I will definitely use it for further researches and presentations.

Yours, Lisa.

  1. PhilBart says:

    Hey Lisa,
    very nice post! I especially like it because you really succeeded in showing what we learned in this course. I had never, and I assume many other google reader users had not either, looked at and dealt with the additional functions it offers alongside with its main purpose of collecting articles of your interest. But you had, checked it out in detail, kind of played around with it and now you can be considered a “Reader expert”.;) The on first sight a little crowded looking Reader dashboard and the huge amount of unread articles (“oh man, 1000+?”) who might look scary to others will not scare you now since you know how to sort them and make it really useable.
    Just make sure your links work better, otherwise well done!

  2. lisaneubert says:

    thank you, Philip. It should work now 😉

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