5 bucks and you are in…the world of Fiverr and Co.

Posted: June 8, 2011 by Stephanie Krogmann in about us, social life
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I am sure a lot of you guys have the same problem I have: lack of money but still so many wishes to fulfill. I would really like to travel to Spain this summer, but have not enough money for a flight. So what can we do? Well, we could start to work in a restaurant or at the movie theatre. That is what most students do. Work  two days a week and there you get be the money. However, the Internet again offers unexpected possibilities for every situation.

Did you hear about Fiverr before?

Well, I did not know it until I was searching for an easy possibility to make money.  Fiverr is about services. Everybody can offer a mini-service to be fulfilled for 5 bucks. The offers are really variable: There are people willing to translate texts from one language into an other, others offer a wakeup call and even others want to send you a postcard from Thailand. It seems to be really funny and interesting, sometimes a little bit crazy, as there are offerings to get rid of a girlfriend on Facebook. Crazy world. 😉

But how does it work in real life? First, people make an offer on the web. The persons that are interested in a service pay 5 $ via PayPal and receive the service.How do the operators of Fiverr make profits? They keep 1$ of each transaction. The service provider gets 4$. Therefore the operators are definitely interested in many transactions, they can make huge profits. Welcome to the online money machine. How do I as a customer choose among various offers? People are as always able to evaluate others. So if a provider has a lot of good feedback, he might be able to make some money.

This ideas of mini-jobs also already has come to Germany. There are several pages like Fünfi, Fiverdeal or Fiveo that use the same idea. The providers started pretty recently, so we will have to see if they are successful. No one can say yet, but they all seem to have noticed that it might be profitable. I think it is  a really interesting topic to think about.

But it is not all about making money. In Germany some people already had the idea of helping voluntarily via Fiverr. They offered to clean the streets a bit, for 5 Euro that again were used in order to support the environment. More than interesting and to be followed.

The world of Fiverr and co. still fas to grow and to establish itself. Some off the offers cannot be taken seriously and the users might need some time to find the right service. The idea itself still might be appealing, as other platforms with a similar concept got really successful: MyHammer.de. This page is a platform for technical and manual services. People can buy services that are offered by firms on this page. With success. The page has 1 million people using it. So why should´t a platform for mini-services work? Who does not want to have help in everyday life sometimes?

But back to my problem: I want to make money. During my search on the Internet I figured out that you must have a really cool offer otherwise no one will be interested in it. Well, the truth is: I wanted to present you an awesome idea and tell you how much money I made. But apparently, I did not have a brain wave yet. 😀 Maybe you guys do? Why don´t you tell me while I go and work in a restaurant in order to finance my flight.

See u next week,


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