One life, one problem…two lives, two problems

Posted: May 10, 2011 by Stephanie Krogmann in development
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Did you ever wish to be someone else?

Be more crazy, wear different cloths, become famous? Who does not want to be different from time to time, but is to shy to change in real life?

Thanks to the Internet even that problem can be solved nowadays. The invention: Second Life!

You create a personality living in a virtual world doing things one can also do in real life: Shopping, working, partying, making friends, having sex. It is a fake world where everyone can start a new life and be completely different with a new personality. The fat guy from next door becomes a womanizer over night. The idea has follower all over the world and everybody seems to have fun! It is really appealing to have the possibility to be a different person in order to escape real life. Fake life is connected to real life, as even real cities are copied to be lived in.

I only have one question: Is anybody concerned about losing touch with reality? When I started searching for information about that topic there were a lot ads from the creators promoting their idea. Seems to be a cool world. (By the way: You can buy virtual land in Second Life in order to be able to build a house, all you have to do is paying 6 $ a month to be able to do so) But you can flee from real life for only 6 bucks ( real money 😀 ) That is exactly what the people were waiting for, isn´t it?


Is it really cool to read about a divorce caused by an online adultery on Second Life, because the husband thinks he can have an other wife online?

Is it really cool to read about children pornography that was offered in this cool life?

Is it really cool that some people forget that they also have a real life?

I surely doubt that. As I mentioned in my 2nd blog you sometimes have to look behind the curtain  and find out yourself in order to decide if you like something. After what I learned about Second Life I def. have to say that there are some inventions I do not need. Why do we need a Second Life when we have one to be discovered, where you can smell, feel, see interact?

It might be a good possibility to make profit and maybe a good platform to advertise ( Adidas, Reebok and American Apparel have virtual stores), but please can somebody tell me why do we need that? Neither does it make our real lives easier nor can anybody truly benefit from having a second personality.

See you next week,


  1. Sophie says:

    I really liked your post, especially since I have a friend who works in a company where they programme landscapes, cities and goods for Second Life.

    I personally agree with your assessment that even though you’re not doing something bad in Real Life but only in Second Life, it is quite problematic, however I do understand the appeal to it.

    Take for example ‘Sims’, this unbelievably successful computer game, where one is able to create one’s own world. Apparently there are people who are not satisfied with their own lives, or least want to try something else.

    Maybe for people who are that invested in computer games and internet is is even a source to learn, like this video wants us to show:

    However, I personally much more enjoy having a chat with real friends than typing lurid conversations with strangers.. 🙂

    Thank you for this nice post! Definitely urged me to think more about the matter!


  2. unitedtribes says:

    Hey this post caught my eye because of the very interesting title 🙂

    I have never played Second Life before but I have definitely heard of it. I agree with you that there is a danger in people losing their “real identities” when playing such simulated games. This is especially so when the simulations are made to be so real and life-like. People who spend alot of their time on these games may get too caught up into this world, where they can leave their real identities behind and pursue a world that they envision, one which they have full control and where they can leave their problems behind. Here is an article i found about video game addiction tearing families apart:

    Such stories, luckily, are not what is seen in many video game players and I believe that as long as these games are played in moderation, it can be an interesting way to interact with peers of different backgrounds and learn new things as well.

    Just remember, that moderation is key 🙂

  3. mengmei says:

    I have really thougth about becoming someone else, so nice starting point, I think many people have done it once.
    many writers like to say the advantages Internet gives us, but you, choose the opposite one–the disadvantages it brings us.Indeed, I do not think Internet can replace our real life and if somebody lost deep in it, it is easy for him to mix them together so that finally they cannot distinguish I agree with you.
    anyway, well done!

  4. karenge says:

    Hey Steffi,

    really good post! I’ve heard about Second Life but never really dealed with it, so it is good to know what it is really about and especially, what a GAME can cause, like the divorce and children pornography you mentioned. That’s incredible!
    I think it is a nice idea to have a computer game or so to be able to escape from reality once in a while, but I think something that can have such consequences isn’t the right thing for it.
    I totally agree however with unitedtribes, that moderation is an important factor to not get into such stories. It should always be clear what’s real and what’s virtual, and buying a virtual piece of land with real money, that somehow doesn’t fit for me.

    So, again, very good post and so interesting!

  5. Nadja K. says:

    Hey Steffi, great topic chosen and I do not know how far this has been spread among the IBMANS but we will certainly get in touch with the world of second life in the semester we complete our internship – HWR owns an island on Second Life and it is intended to be use for educational purpose. As we are located all over the world, we cannot attend certain seminars offered here in Berlin. Therefore, we should meet up on Second Life. I am totally not convinced of that platform but rule is rule! Maybe you want to take a look at this video, created by Mr. Birkenkrahe about Second Life at the Berlin School of Economics!

  6. johannpf says:

    Hey! That was fun to read. Very original topic and has everything to do with us, especially after Nadja’s comment 🙂 There’s so much talk about, I would really like to take a second look at it. Did you hear about all the commotion concerning virtual terrorism ie. real terrorist planning and testing attacks on second life? Hectic, and I read while back that it’s also been used to move around large amounts of illegal money. Very interesting. I have to say that I agree with your conclusion though. There’s enough ‘losing touch with reality’ going on already, don’t really need any more contributing factors.

  7. Marina Zaitseva says:


    Berlin in 3d…. is something like SIMS I played when I was a child and wasted a lot of my time for some period of time, but also some fun for that time.

    I think a lot of technology we have is usefullness , something benefits us and something impairs. it is up to our own limits, for we cant stop the progress and it is ok. I actually would love to try one day this game, to see how it works and how does it feel to play the life. Why not? Moreover, ihave just sent this link to one of mz friend who left berlin almost 1,5 jears ago. And i also start to think, that may be I can show this game to some of my friends who have never been in Berlin or let’s say I can show that to my parents who probably wont see Berlin. Of course I can show fotos and mz vidoes, but if there is a 3d game, ok…. nice.

    It is again up to imagination, see, you wrote that it is “a good platform to advertise ( Adidas, Reebok and American Apparel have virtual stores)” and I totaly agree with you.

    I dont know if we need that, but i can say for sure – we can live WITHOUT that perfectly!

    I like the topic you chose,
    great job, Steffi!!!

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