Looking for the needle in our haystick

Posted: May 2, 2011 by lisaneubert in development

Finding a perfect blog issue is like looking for the needle in a haystick – it is complicated, but very exciting!

Firstly, you should delimite your ideas:

>> What shall I write about?

>> Which expectations are given to me?

>> In which field of business shall we post?

>> What am I interested in?

>> Is it possible to think deeper and deeper about this issue over time?

Deciding about all these questions, you can go forward and search for your choosen issue.

I would like to write about GREEN IT like lisabu00 did it. But it would not make sense to write about the same issue, although everyone of us has got different opinions about it. So, next step was to find a new bid topic which everybody could be interested in.

Fortunately, a good friend of mine is very interested in computers, hardware, software and IT in general. That is why, I was going to ask him what he thinks would fit to me and is also interesting for you. At the beginning, I was absolutly unamazed. Maybe because he was talking very technically which made understanding even harder. I asked him to explained his idea in detail and in an easier way. That is how I got to know CLOUD COMPUTING. And even he was impassioned, I think more than before. We talked about it for more than one hour and he also tried to steer our conversation in the direction of business IT.

After this fantastic interchange of ideas, I typed in CLOUD COMPUTING into google.com and I got an amazing list of pages about my choosen issue. So, you have to limit and select the best fitting pages. I did this for about 20 minutes. Thereby, I recognized that I should start with the history of IT in general, because I am going to write about a future trend which makes it necessary to talk about the past.

For me, it was uniquely to read about Konrad Zuse, because this man worked and lived in my hometown and I got to know him over the last 10 years. It was also exciting to read about the Greeks and Romans who have already developed little algebra computers at the beginnig of A.D.

Finally, I structured my ideas, so that it will be not possible to confuse somebody. I started with the history and then going more forward to the present and at the end describing CLOUD COMPUTING. I just gave an overview about my issue, because I want to keep you redaing my blogs and in my opinion it is more exciting and surprising to let you know that everything written here has to be continued – like this post.

See you, world.


  1. Bruce Spear says:

    What a fabulous story of discovery, Lisa! I think when you read my last post over on my Comments page you’ll see that I, too, take the time to talk to others for advice on what’s important, follow my nose, take the time to read about people (gives ideas life!), and work my way round and about the technology. It might sound to some others like procrastination, but I think this way of exploring this or that along the way is fun, it is how we round off our education, how we remember things, and it gives us many different ways to explain things. Thanks for including your photo, too, so now I can remember you and await your next fabulous post!

    • sasha1989 says:

      Hi Lisa,
      I was impressed how easy you connected Cloud computing with blog ideas. You wanted to write something different and you did it. I loved your blog.
      I wrote down all the questions you need to answer in order to find an idea for you blog. I guess I will need it 🙂
      Also your blog made me courious about Cloud computing. To be hornest (shame on me) I have never heard about it before. However, after reading your blog I spent a lot of time checking information about it. I think it ia great when somebody’s article makes you interested and you want to find more information about it.
      Well done!

  2. Hey Lisa, I liked it a lot how detailed you described your way to finding your topic. It is helpful, since you provide ways of how to deal with a problem like that. Too bad you didn’t start writing about your topic because you really aroused my interest. Next week I will defenitely check out what you write.

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