The Bloglink Odyssey

Posted: May 1, 2011 by maxsc21 in about us

There’s always one bad thing about every creative writing assignment: You have to find a topic. To be honest, to me this process is an old enemy. Glad to have finally found one for the first blog, I am now confronted with a new problem: What to write in the second post? And how to stretch that subject to a length of about 12 entries?

Of course my first idea was to continue that political participation thing. Okay, running up Google; searching for things like “politics online”, “taking part in politics” and similar stuff. Dry topic. Tough to find more stuff for other case studies. Besides it is quite hard to imagine that somebody in the course would stand another 11 examples of online political participation without falling asleep. So the next idea was to become more general.

Maybe politics as a whole; with a permanent reference to IT. I already started writing about the 1st of May, the international labor day; the riots usually connected with that day and their connections to Information Technologies. Somehow I didn’t like that either. Besides I don’t see myself in the role of a political all-round-guru who judges the broad variety of political tendencies weekly. So erase everything. Heating up my brains again.

While digging through Wikipedia to find something useful procrastination crept in and I started to click my way through the infinite chain of links connecting the articles. After half an hour of expanding my general education by reading interesting articles, including a list of rocks in Western Australia, an idea came to my mind.

The whole link-clicking through Wikipedia reminded me of a little game I used to play with my friends in school. To survive torturing online research lessons in the PC-Lab we often did one distractive thing. We started Wikipedia at our computers. Then we employed the “random article” search. After that we did another random search. Now the mission for everyone was to get from the first article to the second; only by wandering through the links which are integrated in the articles. Each of the players had one computer to do so. Usually it took about ten minutes until someone reached the finish article, screamed through the computer lab and officially became winner.

Now my plan is to transfer that practice to my blogposts. Starting with an entry about political participation I will travel to a certain destination topic, always by referring to the previous post in some way. I also will try to relate the subjects to Information Technologies as tight as possible.

So my last job for today: Find a destination topic. Of course by accepting the help of Wikipedia random article search, what else. The result of that search: Flying Childers. Yeah! My last post will be about a pioneer horse in American Horse Racing. I hope you may excuse the fact that this last entry won’t be as much IT-oriented as the others.

So let’s start the world’s first Bloglink Odyssey. Glad to have you as a follower!

  1. lisabu00 says:

    Great article boy and great idea!
    Haven’t read such a funny story in a while and I’m really curious how it will end.
    To be honest, I have no idea how you wanna do that, but I’m sure very bizarre stories will appear.
    First follower found.
    Thumps up!

    • Sophie says:


      Nice story!!!!
      I am looking forward to your post about Horses… might be interesting! 😀

      I really liked the game you played with Wikipedia, if I had known it before, I would have played it in school, as well… Sounds like fun.

      So your next blog will be about IT and Politics and then you will try to get to horses? I am intrigued.

      Thanks for the nice idea!


  2. domwoj says:

    Can’t wait to follow you through your Odyssey and I’m looking forward to finding out how this is gonna end. It’s certainly gonna be interesting, especially cause you wanna link everything. Good idea Max, not one of these “boring, standard, I like chocolate things” and the way you lead through the article was good structured.
    2 Thumbs up

  3. I really like the little story you are telling, as Dominik I´m really interested how you will find your way to that story.. It makes the reader def. wanting to follow you and that´s excactly the aim of a blog…so a really good job. I agree that it is really hard to find a topic as I struggle a lot in finding the right way, but you really helped me…

    I am looking forward to the next post..

  4. SparklinGesine says:

    wow. that sounds so interesting! I can’t wait to see how you will go from one post to another, ending with this horse 🙂
    It was very nice to read your post as it is well structured. Actually, I had to laugh out loud while reading the thing with the australian rocks (in order to procrastinate the next time, you could read NerdyLaura’s blogpost about procrastination. business nerds).
    This wikipedia game sounds fun and I think I will try it out now…

    for your next post, you should think of links, videos and pictures to point up your topic

  5. Franzi says:

    actually, i just have to say: pretty good idea! 🙂
    thx to your good structure one can easily follow your plans and by just telling how your “journey” will end you made me, like everyone else, curious.
    so i´m looking forward to read your next blog.

  6. Marina Zaitseva says:

    nice, nice, nice….)

    You know I was reading with a lot of interest for I did the same with my first blog – arote about politics and yeah… I soon realized that nobody probably will read “11 examples of online political participation without falling asleep”… I was reading BBC news , it was midnight and I still didnt have any idea … I start to click the links followed the news and I came across one interesting web site )
    I mean, I can imagine what does it feel like)) And you know, it is nice that you wrote that for I am sure some of us face the same problem and what is really cool is that you suggest a strategy which works for you, which makes you find topic easier and saves your time.
    But if you come back to politics one day – I will be interested in it))

    Good luck, and dont forget – ADULT comments))) lol!
    Have great weekends,


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