Posted: April 23, 2011 by Stephanie Krogmann in development

IT- these two letters didn´t tell me that much. I just didn´t care. Why? I´m not really aware of how much it rules my life.

This weekend there is Easter.

How does this connect?

Well, seven weeks before Easter religious Christians live in abstinence. That means they try to abstain from something that is really important to them. So, I started to think about what would be hard for me to abstain from. The answer: Facebook, my mobile phone, my laptop, Internet.

This makes me realize that IT is in fact a really important part of my life. I need the Internet to be connected, to research, dramatically said to survive. I use it daily, every few hours.

The first thing I did after realizing this: Internet research.

There are a lot of people in the world realizing that they have these habits.  People writing about their experiences and newspaper articles documented how hard it is to live without technology nowadays.

So how would my everyday life without technology look like?

  • It would be really hard to keep in touch with everyone. I couldn´t send a message on Facebook or skype with my friends.
  • I would not be able to work the way I´m used to. I use the platform of my university nearly daily and I would not be able to participate appropriately in my courses without it.
  • I could not research as fast as I usually do. Not being able to open Wikipedia in a few seconds in order to check Russia´s GDP for example would make research really hard.
  • I could not order online, which I really enjoy. I would have to go to shops every time I want to have something.
  • My mobile phone is really important to me. Without it I could not call people or again check Facebook when I´m not at home.

There are a lot of other things that would be so different; the list could go on endlessly.

I really tried to imagine how people lived without all that technology only some decades ago.

How where they able to survive?  

  • How would I find my way to a friend´s place without having Google maps?
  • How hard would life be if I actually had to go to a library to do research?
  • How would I contact my friends without my Mail account? Writing letters?
  • How am I supposed to find the coolest clubs, bars and other locations?
  • How would I find the cheapest possibility to travel home?

Questions, questions, questions…..

The answer:

I could hardly handle it. I am addicted; I have to admit. The world is changing…yearly, monthly, weekly, daily…Life becomes easier with every new invention.

In my following blogs I am going to present technology and inventions that I value really helpful and cool; inventions that made our lives easier. I am going to find out how people´s everyday life changed over the last decades.

  1. Lisa says:


    as you may have realized was my first post also about addiction, especially the mysterious “facebook addiction”!
    I definitely agree that a life without cell phone, laptop, skype, facebook etc. is not imaginable. Not nowadays.
    Communication is the most important part of our life and it makes it so much easier with the aid of our modern technology.
    Your introduction was amazing. Easter, abstinence,- well done 🙂
    Go on Steffi, you are definitely able to write good blog- a little more confidence, please!
    I’m existed to read more 🙂

  2. garciana says:

    I finally got to read your blog post and I honestly think that you did a very good job! Like Lisa, I find your introduction successful since you manage to draw a personal connection leading to the topic. Life certainly was possible 20 years ago but we have become so comfortable and spoiled by IT that we would not be able to cope without it. Nevertheless, I have to admit that I quite enjoy spending some time away from the computer and doing other things but you are right, we make use of these technologies in such a bright sence that we do not even notice it anymore, I mean, even shopping can be done online nowadays… Crazy world, huh?
    Anyway, I will keep track of your posts and am looking forward to your future findings. 😉

  3. maxsc21 says:

    Good one! Liked also the critical view about the latest innovations; in this aspect i completely agree with you. While reading your post my grandfather came to my mind.. he always says when i or my brother are sitting in front of the screen: “It’s probably hard to imagine nowadays that once upon a time there was a childhood without any computers”
    ..and to be honest i sometimes share that opinion. so your blogpost is a really good eye-opener. i will definetely continue following your entries!

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